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Back in March of 2020 I put together a list of tracks for the Penfriend Correspondents’ Club Forum, and almost all the tracks are on bandcamp…

Penfriend/Everything Looks Normal in the Sunshine; Noga Erez/Sunshine; Beauty Pill/The Damndest Thing; Sammus/Mighty Morphing; The Wiggly Tendrils; Ringing Ears and Beating Hearts; Hussalonia/Don’t (Stop Believin’); Hallelujah the Hills/Country Before Kings; Sidney Gish/Sin Triangle; Fiva/Du bist nicht mein Monster; Lizzo/Juice

This is a mix of some recent-ish discoveries and some old favorites I think deserve wider exposure. Also for some reason, there are a lot of horns, sampled voices, and guitar solos.

I stumbled on Noga Erez through a collaboration with Sammus, but the subtle textures and transitions of this track really grabbed me. Also: Sunshine!

Beauty Pill leader Chad Clark’s music is always thoughtful and impeccably arranged, but most of his songs do not feature dueling guitar solos.

Sammus produces her own tracks and she’s an incredible live performer, just by the way.

To have a song written by The Wiggly Tendrils about how my wife and I met was one of the most amazing presents I have ever received.

Long-running mostly-solo home recordist Hussalonia tackles an amazing range of genres, but sardonic wit and sly musical references are present in almost all the recordings.

Boston band Hallelujah the Hills’ new album is probably their best, but the chorus hook of this older one keeps popping into my head for some reason.

Discovered Sidney Gish when she played a set at a comedy festival in between stand up artists.

I love offbeat covers, and I think Downtown Boys reworking of Selena’s reworking of the Pretenders’ classic has an amazing energy to it. Almost Clash-y!

The Fiva song translates to “You are not my monster” by the way. I took a German class that introduced us to some German artists, and I love the samples and the chorus hook of this even if I can’t understand most of the words.

Finally, I like when mixes end on “up” note, and Lizzo’s newest record has been a key “coping strategy” for me since I first heard it.

s&s&b a v 2019-12-06

hello, from smile and smile and be a villain

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  • tide/edit · twelve
  • d.o.a. · taking care of business
  • your twenties · won’t you be kind
  • china dub soundsystem · yellow cab
  • memes · blah blah blah
  • colossal squid · i lost detroit
  • soccer mommy · lucy
  • xenia rubinos · should i stay or should i go
  • book of knots · salina
  • psychic temple/cherry glazerr · this world don’t mean shit without you
  • hazel dickens, alice gerrard · why not confess
  • harley young and the haymakers · barina jean
  • big bliss · fortune
  • saint savior, badly drawn boy · the place i want to be

smile and smile … nov 27 2019

Did you miss us? We didn’t mean to go away.
Extra long edition to get you through tofurkey day.

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  • Sunshine Frisbee Laserbeam · Adult Memory Oww
  • yourboyfriendsucks! · diu x 3
  • Cry Club · DFTM
  • Ice Cream · Peanut Butter
  • Myra Melford’s Snowy Egret · Dried Print on Cardboard
  • Wye Oak · Fortune
  • Laura Cortese & the Dance Cards · We Can
  • HIM · Wicked Game
  • Marc Cuevas · Part IV
  • David Lord · Mushroom Weeds
  • David Dominique · Mask
  • Juliana Hatfield · Murder by Numbers
  • RAYS · The Garden
  • Abstract Orchestra · Madmix 2

smile and smile … 8 nov 2019

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  • Berri Txarrak · Zuri
  • Soft Blue Shimmer · Shinji
  • Soft Fangs · Shells from a Smoking Snail
  • WIVES · Waving Past Nirvana
  • George Belasco & O Cão Andaluz · Aqui Ronca um Motor
  • Spielbergs · Running All the Way Home
  • Greet Death · Do You Feel Nothing?
  • Superchunk · Saving My Ticket (acoustic)
  • Fime · Nogales
  • Miss June · Enemies
  • Udora · Liberty Square
  • Martha Wainwright · You Cheated Me

smile and smile … 31 oct 2019

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yeah i like weird covers, what of it?

  • Steady Holiday · Holiday
  • Honeyblood · She’s a Nightmare
  • Pure Bathing Culture · All Night
  • Shana Falana · Stripped
  • Pom Poko · Theme #1
  • HXXS · Up South
  • Mekons · Trouble Down South
  • Empath · Drunken Angel
  • Kate Clover · Channel Zero
  • Joan as Police Woman · Cover
  • Chicha Libre · La Danza de los Simpsons

smile and smile … 25 oct 2019

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“Program” is a really obnoxious thing to name yr band. Just sayin’.

  • The Casket Lottery · Searchlights
  • Chris Farren · Flourit De Maga
  • Jay Som · Anak Ko
  • Fred Thomas · Hopeless Ocean Drinker
  • Asha Jefferies · Bad Kisser
  • Suggested Friends · For Jokes
  • Kaelan Mikla · Andvaka
  • 100 Gecs · I Need Help Immediately
  • Taleen Kali · #1 Crush
  • Program · They Know
  • clipping. · All in Your Head
  • Snoh Aalegra · Love Like That
  • Palehound · Autumn Sweater

smile and smile . . . 18 oct 2019

life comes at you fast, s & s & b a villain comes at you slow
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  • Pedestrian Tactics · matingcall.exe
  • Control Top · Office Rage
  • GIRLI · Hot Mess
  • BEA1991 · The Dream
  • Nérija · Partner Girlfriend Lover
  • Binker and Moses · How Fire Was Made
  • Theon Cross · LDN’s Burning
  • The Johnny Clash Project · London’s Burning
  • Queen Zee · Loner
  • Signals Midwest · Sanctuary City
  • Chastity Belt · 5am
  • Harmony Woods · The City’s Our Song

smile and smile … 3 oct 2019

Smile & smile & be a villain is very, very sad to say goodbye to Kim Shattuck.
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  • Ratboys · Crying about the Planets
  • Trespasser · To the Barricades
  • Ana Frango Elétrico · Tem Certeza
  • Mope Grooves · Bicycle Dancers
  • chloe mk · David Bowie
  • Veruca Salt · With David Bowie
  • Big Thief · Contact
  • Billie Eilish · bad guy
  • Ithaca · Slow Negative Order
  • Binker Golding & Elliot Galvin · Adaequatico Intellectus Et Rei
  • Hallelujah the Hills · Folk Music is Insane
  • The Muffs · Lay Down

smile and smile … 25 sep 2019

smile & smile & be a villain bids farewell to Ric Ocasek and is furthermore here to help you with a slow news day.

  • Vivian Girls · Sludge
  • The Cars · All Mixed Up
  • Kris Demhorst · My Best Friend’s Girl
  • Haley Bonar · Can’t Believe Our Luck
  • P&eacuterez Prado · Flight of the Bumble Bee
  • Los Yakis · De die & de noche
  • Perra Vida · Opportunista
  • Brittany Howard · Georgia
  • VCTRY · Black Magic Woman
  • Meghan Kabir · Live Wire
  • Ice Cube · Arrest the President
  • The Honey Drippers · Impeach the President